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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Gift

The Gift

Who says angels are found in heaven only? I have a bunch of angels on earth who are taking care of me. I am really blessed with some special friends who have always been on my side through thick and thin. I might be the richest man on this planet when it comes to friendship, and that is one treasure that is never going to dry up.

This is a moment that belongs to the people that have brought a big smile on this handsome face of mine. There were a bunch of friends that have gifted me a Stand-up wheelchair that has made it possible for me to stand upright. The gift has increased my mobility to a great extent, and life has become a little easier.

Anand Shah was the main man behind this special gesture. Anand Shah got in touch with a few friends from India, USA and UK and they all contributed to buy me this wheel chair from Taiwan. I was touched when I found out that some of the people that gifted me this chair have only met me once or twice. There are a few people that haven’t even met me yet showed their love in such a special way.

I was in a state of trance when I saw Uchit, Sai, Mushir and Raship with the wheel chair for the first time. I was blushing as if I had been in love for the first time, and I was overwhelmed by the excited faces of those four friends. This is one gift that brought tears to my mom’s eyes and I thank you guys for creating such a moment for us.

My Angels:

Anand Shah Hinal(Chinky) Taara Meher Ramku Purvi Amir Patel

Param Ekta Abhay Nikku Mushir Sai Jimish

Komal Chintu Tapan Uchit Shamik Jimmish Neil

Darshan Hrishita Rohan Raship Mihir Rao Behram Yasser

Ripu Daman Singh Vahgela Aditya Nikhil Karogal

I apologies if I missed anyone’s name

To view my new wheel chair please visit


uch!t said...

At times a SHA(H)ITAN also does the kind of work an angel would feel ashamed of...Yes this SHAITAN is none other than MR.SHAH...Kudos to Mr.Shah...

Sarah said...

hey congratualtions on ur new chair. Have faith in God. He will definitely heal you such that you will not need such a chair. Man and science can fail,God never fails. I believe for u. Good luck.
Your face is indeed handsome. ;)

Komal said...

Hi Birju.. I am Komal, Anand's cousin. I am so happy to see that you finally got your chair. Just like the fact that you got the chair you wanted and it became a reality, you will be walking without it and even that will be a reality. Just like some of your friends who have mentioned on this site, I too have full faith in the lord up above. It will happen.

Don't know if you remember.. but we have met once.. long time back during Anand's graduation party in Atlanta.

Good luck with everything and trust the man up above.. he will make it happen.


laksh2511 said...

Hi Birju,
I just came across your blogs. You may not be knowing me. But I remember you very well. I also went to USF and graduated in 2003. Everybody in USF kept telling me that you are a very upbeat and optimistic person. Congratulations on the wheel chair. Your blogs are really inspiring. I would like to help you in anyway I can. Keep posting. Take care.


Birju Patel said...

Uchit, its good that you can come with witty comments that makes no sense..heheh

sarah, thanks for the comment and i do love my face too.

Komal, I remember ya, i even wrote you twice on the email that anand gave me. I am not sure if you got it

Lakshi, thanks for the great words, every indian at usf was close to me and will always be close to me.

when ever you guys need to get in touch with me, please write to me at

Anonymous said...


Gone through your blogs, would like to suggest a hosiptal in kerala trivandrum. Santhigiri Siddha Medical College. Who knows when life changes.

Birju Patel said...

Thanks a lot i would look into it

Anonymous said...

hey dude,

Juts thought I'd suggest to you. there's a lot going on with wheelchair sports if you're into sports - both extreme and high performance :))

eg check this clip out

OHM said...

really happy see ur gift


hemant yadav said...

hi i just came across ur bolg..I too had a spine injury and undergone a operation ...luckly im able too walk...
all da best...

dilip said...
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Ebest said...

Hospital highlights.....

GeetaDodhia said...

Birjuuuuuuuuuuu, Kya aap mujse dosti karoge ...?

Birjuuuuuuuuuuuu,શું તમે મારા મિત્ર બનશો?
Śuṁ tamē mārā mitra banaśō?

Birjuuuuuuuuuuuu Wirst du mein Freund werden?

Birjuuuuuuuuuuuu Voulez-vous devenir mon ami