The writings of Birju Patel

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am the American trash

This poem is filled with anger and rage towards people who have no value for the human life. Today in USA there are so many deadly people in the streets with guns who wouldn’t think twice before taking a person’s life.  These are the real terrorists spreading terror in USA and that’s why I refer them as “The American trash”. One of these American trashes stole the life of a childhood friend Ambreesh Patel on the 17th of September 2010 in NJ.  This is my way to attack their existence and expose the reality of these animals. Rest in peace Ambreesh

I am the American trash
Brainless and rash

My mother was a crack head
And I don’t know who the hell is my dad

I will rob your stores
 And spend it on my whores

I am a coward who thinks he is bold
 But I am just a spineless animal who was born cold

Before I kill you I will hide my face
Because I am jealous of the money making race

I don’t care if you are anyone’s son
For me you are just a target for my gun

I will pop a cap in anyone’s chest
Because that is thing I know the best

I will do anything for cash
Because I am the American trash

By Birju Patel  22nd September 2010


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