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Saturday, May 17, 2008


I would urge all my readers to dedicate 76 minutes of their lives on a video that could become a life altering experience. I promise each one of you that this video will impact you in a manner that would help you to solve many unsolved mysteries of your life. In my life I have come across many confused souls that were in search for an “ANSWER”. So what kind of an “ANSWER” are these people looking for? The truth of the matter is that these souls had no clue about the “QUESTION”.

LIFE” …. That is what these people are trying to figure out. People spend more time lamenting about their problems rather than focusing on the purpose of their own existence on this planet. Many people whine about their life and they feel that their life is the most unfair life. But they forget the fact that there are many people in this world in situations that are worse compare to their own situation.

Yesterday I saw a video called “Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” which shed a lot of light on life. Many people seek a mentor or a Guru that can help them to unfold the mysteries of this world. People, believe me after watching this video you will be your own guru. There is no better teacher than life

Randy Paush is a professor at a prestigious university who has been diagnosed with cancer and doctors have told him that he has only 3-4 months to live. He is a very talented gentleman and has achieved most of his childhood dreams. In the video he doesn’t talk about his cancer or his problems, instead he is teaching all of us the secret of becoming an achiever. He is such a strong force mentally and that’s the reason he has no fear of death. He could have locked himself in a room and sob about his ill fate but instead of that he wants to spend each and every second of his remaining life having fun.

I would strongly suggest each and every one of you to see this video. I am hoping that each one of you would be ashamed of your own self for complaining and whining about hardships of your own life. If you feel ashamed of yourself after watching this video that means that it has impacted you very deeply. I wish that Professor Paush can live longer and cherish each and every ounce of his life with his three kids and wife. The key is to be alive not just live. You are 76 minutes away from being the master of your own happiness. Life’s best education is a click away
Birju Patel
18th May 2008


Nimisha said...

Hey Birju,
I watch the video...its so inspiring. Very few people have guts to take what life gives them...and I commit that I am not like them. He is doing the great thing by making people aware that what life may mean to them...
You never know what happens make your life worth living for yourself & for others...

I see something like that in you trying so hard to let the people know "what it takes..."

Keep up the great u...

Anonymous said...

hai buddy myself a sci read your blog its very informative .i have also contacted dr. rajkumar of lifeline he asked 1 lakh and 20000 as fee.even if its a lie we should go for treatment and try our luck
pls update thanks

Anonymous said...

I respect everyone's comments and their feelings. My prayers are with those who have lost their loved ones or who had a bad experience in certain hospital. Let me tell you we drive the car every day that does not mean you will not have an accident. I'm not comparing human being with cars, .In my experience in life line Hospital I had a huge hemorrhoid surgery , my mother in law 70 years old lady under went Gall bladder removal, my son had deviated septum surgery.
Everything went perfect by the grace of God almighty.
It is easy to put down and keep spreading negative publicity about someone everyone enjoys reading neagtive publicity. But as far as I know that Rigid hospital now the life line hospital with Dr Raj kumar has done more good to human being than worse.

They are doing so many surgeries in their hospital so much free treatment for the under privileged people. Because what these under privileged patients can not put what they have received from Life line because they do not even know what is computer.

With out bias to anyone lets us also spread the good work of life line. Off course my sympathies are with the affected people. I pray to God to give them the necessary strength to overcome the great loss to people like Durai.

Lets us also spread the good work done by Life line. It is ones Karma what you have to see in life you will see and no body can change that. God Bless everyone

Birju Patel said...

Well its our duty to make people aware of what the truth is. Your are in their team and i am in the opposition team. We both have our resposniblities, you spread the message about their good deeds and I will talk about the bad things.

I have never stopped u from praising them, so you cant stop me from destroying them.

I dont think what i am doing is negetive, infact i am gonna help many poor families save money and emotional pain.

You are able to say all that bcos that surgery went well, if you had lost someone or were cheated you would be applauding my afforts.

My serious advice to you is that you dont think this is negetive publicity, because its the truth, And second thing is that dont try to be a saint, i hate fake people

I hope you got my point and would learn to mind your own business.

Birju Patel said...

and what the hell are you talking about karma? Do you even know what it means. Lets see how you wold react if some one shot your mom, or killed your wife. would u still say that.
please dont waste your time on my blogs, its not for idiots